Relax, Refresh, Rejuvenate  - Allow me to work with your entire body, until you feel great.

Welcome to our spa, you will find us to be friendly, caring, broadminded, helpful, and receptive to your personal needs. 

We believe in the uplifting, stress- reducing of human touch and of mutual touch.  We work with you in person to help keep your body, and spirit healthy. 

Through the use of your body's senses, We help to stimulate and maintain your mind-body-spirit and total health.

If you are you are stressed from worked, overworked from maintaining a large project, overwhelmed from your studies at school; we here for you.

And if you just need to obtain a little relaxation, We are able to help you set aside your day-to-day issues, and help reduce your aches, pains, stress and tension.

Our sessions of massage, aromatherapy and stretching.

We are also great mirrors to life's problems, as well as listening and sounding boards to you daily troubles. 

And if you like, we can listen, help you with personal reflection, and just be a good friend.

In summary, you will leave relaxed, refreshed revived, having gained a new perspective.

Our assisted relaxation and meditation allow for stress reduction and invite a state of centeredness and peace.

After the session, expect to have a  feeling of deep relaxation along with a sense of joy happiness.

We are committed to your comfort and hope for you to view your session as an oasis away from the common stresses of life.

We look forward to your call of text (919) 523-6773