Leave relaxed and refreshed - Allow me to work with your entire body, until you feel great.
Hello, I'm James and you will find me to be friendly, open-minded,  and receptive to your personal needs. 

I work with you to help keep your body, mind and spirit healthy. 

Through the use of your body's five senses, I help to stimulate and maintain your mind-body-spirit and total health.

If you are you are stressed from worked, overworked from maintaining a large project, overwhelmed from your studies at school; I am here for you.

And if  you just need to obtain a little relaxation, I am able to help you set aside your day-to-day issues, and help reduce your aches, pains, stress and tension.

My session consists of massage, meditation, aromatherapy and stretching.  

And if you like, I can listen, help you with personal reflection, and just be a good friend.

In summary, you will leave relaxed, refreshed, having gained a new perspective.

My assisted relaxation and meditation allow for stress reduction and invite a state of centeredness and peace.

After the session, many describe a feeling of happiness and joy.

I am committed to your comfort and satisfaction; and I would like for you to view our session as an oasis away from the common stresses of life.

Looking forward to your call  (919) 523-6773